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Our purpose is to impact the community with the love of Christ through education and direct services that not only meet emergency needs of the poor, but improve the quality of life of individuals in that it equips them to live productive, sustainable, and responsible lives.



Pastor Kelly Miller was born in Baltimore City in which he worked with several youth groups throughout several communities. He attended the Zion Hill Missionary Baptist Church and at an early age accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior. As a young man at Zion Hill Missionary Baptist he was involved in several youth activities until God eventually led him to Shining Star Baptist Church in June of 1990. Immediately he got involved with the youth ministry and was active in teaching the youth throughout the community of Chase, Md. Other activities include camping, youth seminars, basketball ministry, mission trips and mentor programs. Pastor Kelly Miller was part of several mentor groups that helped guide troubled youth away from crime in Baltimore City and also taught bible at the detention center Charles Hickey School for boys. Pastor Kelly Miller was called into the ministry in 1998 and was ordained in 2010 at the Shining Star Baptist Church. He received his Associates Degree in ministry at the Arlington Bible College in 1998, a Bachelor’s degree in ministry from Lancaster Bible College in 2001 and enrolled at Capitol Bible Seminary to pursue Master degree in ministry. Currently Pastor Kelly Miller is a professor at the Baltimore School of the Bible and is the Pastor of the Living Faith Outreach in Baltimore County. Pastor Kelly Miller has been married for 30 years to his loving wife Deanna Miller and has 5 children


Our mission is to stand on the frontline combating poverty and social issues of the community by providing supportive and direct service programs, community outreach activites, and community problem resolutions. 

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